Dimension of Spirituality: Success and Spirit

What are the keys to success all areas of life? How do you succeed in your business? How do you succeed at your hobbies? At school? In your family life? A common list that comes to mind includes staying goal oriented, planning ahead, writing and recording your thoughts consistently, and analyzing problems. But there is one component that is frequently overlooked. Sometimes it is purposefully ignored because it is a subject of controversy. That key to success is an individual’s spirituality.

Being spiritually attuned can mean many things, but we at Sixth Dimension define it as being connected to the Divine, whatever that divine might be for you. It might be a connection to nature, or it may be a belief in Deity. No matter what your religious affiliation or views, being connected to the divine has been proven to be effective in promoting success and goodness in all walks of life.

Harvard Business School released a research article where individuals in business were asked about how their spiritual beliefs affected their work place. Although they had varied religious and spiritual beliefs, it was clear that all of them depended on their spirituality and that doing so had given them great success in their work-life. Dr. Ronald Hefetz stated, “There are so many pressures on you as a leader to lose your compassion and develop a thick skin, to lose your capacity for doubt and curiosity.” This is true in many areas in life. Unfortunately, day to day living tends to turn us into cynics and lose the capacity to connect to others in a positive way. Clearing away time for spirituality reopens the gates of human relationships because of a foundation based on a relationship with the divine.

Many of the individuals on the panel reported that the basic moral codes they learned from their connection to the spiritual helped them to create a culture in their workplace that granted employees a voice and high levels of satisfaction. Success is generated from goodness, and goodness comes from a spiritual connection.

What are some ways that you can connect with the spiritual this week? What does divinity look like in your life? What will you commit to do to gain more success by strengthening your spiritual strength? Some suggestions include:

  •    Take some time with yourself outside in nature
  •    Pray or meditate
  •    Read religious texts

Find whatever works for you, and commit to it.

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