The Dimension of Intellect

Life Learning & Scholarly Fitness

Welcome to the second dimension, the dimension of mentality and intelligence, on your path towards ultimate happiness—your ideal life. The brain is absolutely critical to everyday health and happiness; as it is often said, “knowledge is power.” This dimension focuses on your brain’s ability to apply new understanding, as well as the importance of continuing a quest for knowledge. Only by acquiring more knowledge will your power to reach your ultimate reality increase.

As you traverse the realm of the dimension of intelligence, you will see that some of the essentials include education, IQ tests, reading and study, and the methods behind research and analysis. The methods behind how you analyze and study, as well as your personal desire to do so, will improve and you will find that your ability to relate to the world around you will also enter a new level of achievement.

This dimension is pivotal for personal goals like the following:

  • Increasing knowledge based on a specific subject
  • Becoming a more proficient reader/read more often
  • Becoming a better student
  • Learning a new skill or talent
  • Becoming proficient in a language
  • Learning to play an instrument

As you explore the art of studying, you will gain a greater perspective on its importance in your life and on times when you have been researching without realizing it. You will learn processes and systems that you can implement to attain mastery in a specific skill, hobby, or talent. As you expand your mind, you expand your world.

Your ultimate reality includes the most expansive world you can imagine. That is akin to power, strength, and influence, and those come from building a knowledge base. You will discover new skills and strengths as you move ahead in this dimension.

The four aspects covered within the dimension of intellect include reading and writing, arithmetic and science, the humanities, and creativity.