The Dimension of Spirituality

Spiritual Dimension

Faith, Hope, & Charity Fitness

Welcome to the dimension of spirituality. Whether or not you consider yourself to be religiously inclined, this is the dimension to achieve your overall balance, your inner strength, and your peace of mind in life. To reach your ultimate reality, you cannot be ignorant of the kinds of things you need to do to be more in tune with your inner self. Truly, this inner peace is one of the most important parts of reaching your ultimate reality, as it is the essence of your ultimate reality.

As you explore the vistas of this dimension, you will notice that meditation, forgiveness, service, music, and religious activities are all interwoven together. You will begin to see that these activities are not just one aspect of your life, but rather, that they are attached to all the other dimensions and fuel your movement through them. When you master spirituality, you master the art of not giving up.

This dimension is pivotal for personal goals like the following:

  • Connecting with the inner self
  • Becoming a more morally-fit person
  • Learning to forgive more easily
  • Being more at peace about life
  • Being a more grateful person
  • Cultivating a talent (writing/music/filmography/drawing/etc.)

Sometimes, spirituality can become vague or difficult for us to weave into our lives—especially if we are not religiously inclined. However, just like neglecting any other dimension, failing to utilize inner spirituality will lead you to imbalance and you will never attain your greatest reality. This dimension is key to unlocking the potential of all the other dimensions.

This dimension is set apart from the others because it is more akin to your ultimate reality. This dimension stretches beyond the limits of the fifth dimension and into the principles of the sixth dimension—your ultimate reality—because it is your ultimate reality, just not yet in full bloom. Discover the power of the dimension of spirituality, and continue on your journey to your dreams.

The three aspects covered within the dimension of spirituality are faith, hope, and charity.