What is 6th Dimension?

6th Dimension is your pathway to your “ultimate reality.” We use this phrase because, through the implementation of multiple dimensions, you will reach your ideal lifestyle, accomplish your dreams, and become who you want to be. These dimensions or aspects are physical, mental/emotional, financial, social, and spiritual. All of these are founded on human performance research. The methods behind 6th Dimension are proven to change your life. 

Why a monthly subscription?

One thing that we have learned through research is that lasting change requires continuous effort. 6th Dimension is not a cheap experience when it comes to value. For that reason, it does require continuing effort from those who use it if they want to achieve the main goal of reaching your ultimate reality. For that reason — your purchase allows you access to tools and principles for the long term. 

How can I connect with other users?

Connecting with other members is a part of the 6th Dimension experience! This actually is core to achieving your personal goals. As we develop more means to connect, we will let you know, but for now, you can use the discussion board to communicate and connect with other users. 

How can I get the most out of my experience?

The greatest advice is simply to be present. When you receive tip videos — watch them! When you get tasks that will help you in your goals — perform them with meaning! One of the tools that will be invaluable and that will make your experience mean everything is the High Performance Journal. Utilizing that will get you where you want to go. 

Which Dimension should I start with?

At 6th Dimension we offer you a survey that you can take that will give you a picture of how you are doing in all of the different areas. We will offer in the results our suggestion of where you can start — but you can feel free to customize your journey by picking which ever dimension you want. 

What is the High Performance Journal?

The High Performance Journal is one of the most important parts of 6th Dimension. Although a journal may seem like a nice tool — the High Performance Journal is the means by which you will accomplish any of your goals. It is a journal created specifically to improve your performance and help you reach your dreams. Unlike other journals, this one is structured based on human psychology and performance science to maximize your achievement potential. Without using the High Performance Journal, your experience in 6th Dimension will not impact you. With it — you can achieve anything.