The Dimension of Sociability

Dimension of Social

Social, Emotional, & Relationship Fitness

Welcome to the dimension of sociability and emotion. This dimension is important for your course to your ultimate reality. Your journey will take many different twists and turns, and this dimension uniquely looks at your emotional and mental state and improves your emotional stability and strength, particularly in regards to sociability. Your ultimate reality requires other individuals. Whether you are independent or rely heavily on others, this dimension will help you to tap into connections around you and make them deeper. It will help you build lasting power to your familial relationships. You will gain other friends, boost your charisma, deepen your understanding of others, and ultimately help those around you reach their greatest dreams alongside you.

As you walk down the winding roads of the dimension of sociability, you will see that some of the key pieces are your conversations and body language, how you give to others in a relationship, the importance of trust, love, and respect, as well as the difference between being social and merely using a social media account. You will also learn the importance of relaxation, stress relief, and loving yourself. Your mind will be your ultimate weapon in achieving your goals. This dimension will equip you with some of the most powerful lessons of life.

This dimension is pivotal for personal goals like the following:

  • Wanting to be a better friend
  • Becoming a better parent
  • Developing a deeper relationship with family or spouse
  • Listening to others more sincerely
  • Wanting to improve emotional stability
  • Wanting to overcome negative thought patterns

Friends are key on your life journey. Like the other dimensions, you will find material in libraries, the internet, and all over the world about being a social butterfly and improving mental and/or emotional health. Only at Sixth Dimension will you get this information condensed and ready for you run with. Sometimes being social isn’t easy. We struggle to feel accepted and we make judgements on others and ourselves, judgements that effect relationships, including the one we have with our self. Or, we struggle simply to talk to others.

This dimension strengthens the engine behind your goals. Everyone can benefit from mastering the dimension of sociability, and it is only by mastering the art of friendship, genuine care, and respect that you will be able to reach the heights of your goals and dreams, reaching your ultimate reality.

The four aspects covered within the dimension of sociability are social and communication, mental and emotional health, relationships with others, and your relationship with yourself.