The Dimension of Achievement

Dimension of Achievement

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Welcome to the sixth dimension. This dimension is incredibly special—unlike the other dimensions, it directs your focus to tools, systems, and powers that, when working together, lift, guide, and direct your progress in all the other five dimensions, leading you to your ultimate reality. Without this dimension in motion, mastery of all the previous dimensions is impossible. This dimension is all about happiness, hope, and progress.

Some of the elements that you will see in this dimension are, first and foremost, the High Performance Journal, as well as coaching sessions, tip videos, and other Sixth Dimension content that will be made available to you.

What is the High Performance Journal? Occasionally, we hear of the concept of wormholes in time and space. These funnels move between two realities, connecting them and making a pathway between the two. Although they have been proven in theory, they haven’t been proven in observation. Just like wormholes, the High Performance Journal acts as your required wormhole between where you are and where you want to be.

The High Performance Journal is so much more than a fancy place to write your goals. It was built on the principles of human psychology, principles essential to priming you towards success! The High Performance Journal utilizes proven, researched ways for you to set goals and actually achieve them. It is the ultimate self-enabling tool. That is why we say required so emphatically—although the High Performance Journal is not its own dimension, it is the only way for you to achieve your ultimate reality. It is the only means by which you can make your goals become real life, and so it is essential to the dimension of achievement.

Without the High Performance Journal, the very concept of Sixth Dimension begins to collapse. Without it, no dimension will be mastered. But with it, the bridge is built and you make your way to where you want to be.

All goals can be accomplished using the journal. You will begin to see the power of the High Performance Journal as you use it. It is a simple and effective tool; because of its simplicity, it will be tempting for you to underplay its importance and therefore cease to use it. After all, it can take a few weeks before the power of the High Performance Journal begins to become more evident in your life. But you do so at the loss of your ultimate reality.

The four aspects covered within the dimension of achievement are knowing, doing, and being; agency, choice and desire; hope and happiness; and responsibility and will.

Access your High Performance Journal now and build your pathway to your ultimate reality.