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Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain

by John L. Ratey, M.D.

Before You Read:

Initial Discussion

Before you actually get started reading this book, take a moment to think about your reasons for wanting to read it and to be part of this book club.

Introduce yourself to the other book club members in the discussion below, and share something with these questions in mind:
  • Was it something in the book’s title or the chapter topics that drew your interest? Why?
  • Why does this book seem relevant to your life or to your goals?
  • What about it is meaningful to you?
  • How does it have potential to save or change your life? Or the lives of those you care about?

As this book club proceeds chapter by chapter, continue to contribute to each discussion in a helpful, positive way.


  1. Welcome to the Revolution: A Case Study on Exercise and the Brain
  2. Learning: Grow Your Brain Cells
  3. Stress: The greatest Challenge
  4. Anxiety: Nothing to Panic About
  5. Depression: Move Your Mood
  6. Attention Deficit: Running from Distraction
  7. Addiction: Reclaiming the Biology of Self-Control
  8. Hormonal Changes: The Impact on Women’s Brain Health
  9. Aging: The Wise Way
  10. The Regimen: Build Your Brain

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  1. Cammie Nebeker
    Cammie Nebeker says:

    I have been distressed as I see my six children begin to degenerate at a very early age with their activity level. They were all active in high school and some during college. However, I see a trend of not having enough stamina, not wanting to stay active, and fitness and health declining much quicker than my husband and I. I have felt for years that something is very wrong with “our system”. I am excited to read Spark to see if there is something that will help turn around the trend I am seeing in my own family.

  2. Jonna States
    Jonna States says:

    I am getting a late start and won’t be getting my book until Friday but want to participate because I love to learn. Every chapter heading intrigues me because I can relate to every subject in each chapter. I want to change the things that bind me.

  3. Alan Brunswick
    Alan Brunswick says:

    I am looking forward to reading this book. I was already a believer in exercise and that doing so at start of day can make all the difference for having more energy throughout that day. But I had never heard of some of the connections that these chapters hint at. In addition, when I was looking up this book I saw that one blurb mentions a case where some school in america is number 1 in science learning all due to an exercise program.

    I really want to get my children to appreciate the power and effects of regular exercise.
    (by the way, I want to capture all my comments I make in these discussions, so I am copying my text here, to my High Performance Journal)

  4. Scott Baird
    Scott Baird says:

    Spark–There was nothing about this title that stimulated me to read the book. It was the recommendation of someone whose judgement I trust that encouraged me to pick it up the first time. I devoured it!

    Even now as I review the chapter titles and topics I am excited to read again. From the very first chapter that suggests that cardiovascular activity can enhance learning and stimulate the growth of new brain cells. For most of my life it has been thought that you are born with a finite number of brain cells and you can never get more–its all down hill from there! Now into my 60s I am encouraged that I can retain and grow my intellectual capacity!

    As I again review the chapter headings it appears to me that cardiovascular activity can influence a wide range of human achievement issues, barriers, challenges and conditions. Everything from stress, anxiety, addiction and aging suggests to my mind a variety of people in my circle of influence that desperately need 6th Dimension. This book gives me a new way to share, introduce and invite! All in a normal and natural way.

    I am excited to read again

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