The Science Behind Your High Performance Journal: What It Will Do For You


Have you heard that writing your thoughts and goals makes it more likely to achieve them? At Griffin Hill, you’ll find the ultimate goal-oriented journal, deliberately designed to help you reach your highest vision.

We call it the High Performance Journal. This journal provides a powerful way to monitor progress and create new points of action and goals. It is an inexhaustible source of accomplishment!

The High Performance Journal is one of the key tools to facilitate leadership, personal growth and development. William Jennings Bryan said:

“Destiny is not a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice. It’s not a thing to be waited for, it’s a thing to be achieved.”

That’s what the High Performance Journal helps us to do. It helps us to make our future destiny a matter of the choices that me make, rather than something that just happens to us.

Key Purposes

The High Performance Journal:

  1. Provides a path for personal growth, it illuminates a direction for us, and highlights the way we should go in order to accomplish the personal growth and development we seek.
  2. Facilitates character development.
  3. Develops leadership skills and attributes, particularly as we use the High Performance Journal in conjunction with other coaching technologies and coaching sessions delivered by Griffin Hill.

Below, learn from each section regarding what having a leadership and achievement journal will do for you.

Personal Growth Path

Purpose #1 – Provides a Path for Personal Growth

pequalspminusiWe can think about this first formula, authored by Timothy Gallwey, the great human performance coach. He suggests that our performance (lower case p), is equal to our potential (P). In other words, we ought to perform/act very near our potential; except for the fact that we experience interference (I).

That interference can come in a number of ways. It could be literal interference, someone interrupts in the middle of our performance so that we don’t reach our potential. It could be interference from physical exhaustion or mental exhaustion. It could be interference from lack of character or development. At Griffin Hill, we think about that similar formula but we add in the notion of coaching technology and systems, so certainly our performance is equal to our potential minus interference.

All of that being true, we also believe that Griffin Hill coaching technology and Griffin Hill systems helps to elevate, compensate for interference. In other words, we can mitigate or eliminate interference by using good coaching technology and systems. So that’s how the Griffin Hill High Performance Journal becomes a technology to help support personal growth, highlighting the personal growth path.

Character Development

Purpose #2 – Facilitates Character Development

“Champions do daily, what losers do only occasionally.”

“Over the next five years, I will do what others will not.”

In other words, it’s in the capacity of others to do what I will do but they will choose not to do it. “Over the next five years, I will do what others will choose not to do.” In the subsequent five years, I will do what others cannot do. That’s the character development that happens every day with small decisions that me make.

And that’s what the High Performance Journal is designed to do, to help us to engage simple daily things that only take a few minutes, but that few minutes will absolutely change our destiny. So the High Performance Journal will not be burdensome in any way by engaging it in two to five minutes every day, you will be able to build a character over a period of time that will lead to the kind of destiny that you want.


Purpose #3 – Develops Leadership Skills and Attributes

Particularly when combined with training and leadership principles, other coaching sessions delivered by Griffin Hill, the High Performance Journal facilitates the acquisition of leadership traits and skills.

The growth begins immediately as you use the High Performance Journal and it will continue steadily as you utilize the High Performance Journal.

The Science

From instructional psychology and instructional science, what we know about the High Performance Journal is that it helps us to develop good mental elaboration and critical thinking skills. Next from the science of psychology, these two pieces amount to what we call the question behavior effect. It helps to develop a goal orientation with a bias for action.

What we know all the science of human performance and achievement tells us that having a goal orientation with a bias for action is crucial to becoming a high achiever. Also, from this science, from the study, the research of question behavior effect is that it cultivates personal responsibility.

Next, from the science of human performance technology, the High Performance Journal teaches principals of honest evaluation. What we know from the science is that self-deception leads to self-destruction. So using the High Performance Journal helps us to engage honest evaluation everyday. Finally, final principal here is it provides opportunities for accountability and feedback. Again, we’re accountable for our own behaviors and getting feedback from an expert helps to elevate our performance.