Integrity Sales Training

Lesson 1: Integrity Sales System Overview
Lesson 2: Case Open: Intro
Lesson 3: Case Open: Rapport Play
Lesson 4: Case Open: Positioning Play
Lesson 5: Case Open: Benefit Play
Lesson 6: Case Open: Proof Play
Lesson 7: Case Open: Schedule the Next Event/Permission Play
Lesson 8: Case Open: Putting Case Open Plays Together
Lesson 9: Needs Audit: Intro
Lesson 10: Needs Audit: Reframe
Lesson 11: Needs Audit: Opportunity Queries
Lesson 12: Needs Audit: Problem Queries
Lesson 13: Needs Audit: Effects and Consequence Queries
Lesson 14: Needs Audit: SNE/Permission Play
Lesson 15: Solution Presentation: Intro
Lesson 16: Solution Presentation: Reframe
Lesson 17: Solution Presentation: Transition in terms of Benefit
Lesson 18: Solution Presentation: Proposal
Lesson 19: Solution Presentation: Service Levels and Pricing
Lesson 20: Solution Presentation: Call to Action Close
Lesson 21: Solution Presentation: Schedule the Next Event
Lesson 22: Specialty Plays – Insurance and Ignore Plays
Lesson 23: Validation Play
Lesson 24: Overcoming Objections Part 1
Lesson 25: Overcoming Objections Part 2
Lesson 26: Adapted Solution: Intro
Lesson 27: Adapted Solution: Reframe of Solution Presentation
Lesson 28: Closing Interactions: Intro
Lesson 29: Closing Interactions: Keeping Momentum
Lesson 30: Fulfillment & Follow Up: Intro
Lesson 31: Fulfillment & Follow Up: Fulfill Promises
Lesson 32: Fulfillment & Follow Up: Collect Proofs
Lesson 33: Fulfillment & Follow Up: Harvest Referrals
Lesson 34: Fulfillment & Follow Up: Harvest Referrals
Lesson 35: Six Steps to a Successful Sales Call
Wrap Up: Metrics