Using Goal Achiever™

Goal Achiever™ lets you create SMARTER goals–the kind that skyrocket the likelihood that you’ll achieve them.

Creating Goals

There are 2 ways to create a SMARTER goal:

  • Goal Wizard – Use this the first few times you create a goal. It steps you through and teaches along the way. You launch the wizard from Goal Achiever using the button at bottom right. If you are new to the principles and theory behind SMARTER goals, you should go here and watch the video.

The video below demonstrates using Goal Wizard to build a SMARTER goal using a Debut Goal as a starting place. (A Debut Goal is simply the first goal you set with about a 2-week timeframe that allows you to learn the tools and achievement methodology.)

  • Quick Add form – Use a single page input form after you understand what goes into a SMARTER goal. You open this form by clicking the + button at bottom left, in Goal Achiever.

Evaluating Your Goals

Daily and weekly, you can evaluate your progress and performance on your goals and activities. Each day you can enter the following information for each goal:

A) Current results on your goal (numeric value) to see progress, and

B) How you did (performance) on the Intensity and Duration of each activity for that day (numeric value).

If a numeric value range was not given for either the goal or the activity, it will be a check box for you to mark as “Done” or leave blank as “Not Done.”

Watch this video for a demonstration: