The Story of Sixth Dimension

Our company name, website, and membership offering is called Sixth Dimension. That much is obvious.

But what is the concept or metaphorical model of “the sixth dimension”?

Well, there are at least 3 ways we like to view the sixth dimension:

  1. Broadly viewed, your life can be considered to have 5 main areas, or dimensions: health, intellect, social, industry (financial, etc), and spirtual. The better you do in each of these areas increases your happiness, your freedom, your influence, and your life as a whole. In fact, once you reach a high level in all of the 5 dimensions, just like voices coming together in harmony to create a powerful overtone, the 5 dimensions synthesize to produce a super plane of existence: the sixth dimension…an enhanced state, a realm of hope and happiness, of maximum peace and meaning.
  2. We also view the sixth dimension as the dimension of achievement, like a meta dimension that affects and can be applied to all the other dimensions. The better you are in the achievement dimension, the higher you can perform and the more you can do in each of the other dimensions.
  3. We can think of the sixth dimension in terms of the popular theories on the nature of reality and our universe. Everyone knows what 3D is–three dimensional objects, having height, width, and depth. That’s how we describe space. Well, theoretical physicists have oft considered what the fourth dimension would be, and even further, including the sixth dimension. String Theory is one such model, as you’ll encounter in one of the videos below. When we think of the 6th dimension as a plane of all possible worlds, we look at our Sixth Dimension as being the challenge and quest of making choices that move us into our best of all possible realities.

Enjoy learning the story of Sixth Dimension from the videos below.


Superstring Theory

The Dimensions