The Dimension of Industry

Dimension of Industry

Financial & Career Fitness

Welcome to the dimension of industry. There is no get-rich-quick scheme to find here, but you will learn the paths to wealth. After all, we cannot ignore that your ultimate reality must also include financial security. It may or may not include getting incredibly rich, but having the money to maximize your independence and freedom will be key to becoming who you have always wanted to be.

This dimension is surrounded by the vistas of saving, spending, investing, and giving. These are all elements that work together to create the greatest use of personal resources. There are certainly obstacles that you must face during your journey in this dimension, but learning self-control and charity will reward you on your journey through all the other dimensions.

This dimension is pivotal for personal goals like the following:

  • Getting out of debt
  • Saving for a large purchase or an emergency fund
  • Investing money for retirement, college, etc.
  • Controlling spending urges
  • Regularly giving to charity
  • Building and sticking to a budget

There are many topics to cover when it comes to money and what it can be used for. You will learn the art of distinguishing needs from wants, the importance of retirement savings, why you should give to charities, and how to live within your means. There are a thousand and one different systems out there to help you, but here you can learn all of them and more.

Your ultimate reality is waiting up ahead. But you need to put something in the engine to get it moving towards that destination—and that is where this dimension comes in. You will finally have the fuel needed to achieve your dreams.

The five aspects of the dimension of industry are the Constraint Theory, budgeting, career and entrepreneurship, saving and investments, and debt management and relief.