Thank you!

Thank you for confirming your participation in the Sixth Dimension Health Study! We look forward to having you online on Wednesday, May 31st at 7:00 pm MST. We will keep in contact the day of the meeting with the link to the session.

As you are not able to be here at our office, download and complete these two documents below. We need to receive both documents by mail or email prior to June 1st.

Click here for the Consent Form.

Click here for the Phone Coach Form.

Complete these steps in preparation for the meeting:

  1. Download the health study apps that are available both online, and on all mobile devices. These apps are Recipe Keeper and My Fitness Pal.
  2. Complete the pre Health Study survey that we will be sent between now and Wednesday
  3. Locate your local Lab Corporation as we will be providing you your lab prescriptions.
  4. Those of you who are under a doctor’s care will need a note from you doctor saying that you are healthy enough for a change in your daily diet to be based on nutrient rich whole foods that are either unprocessed or low processed, high amounts of vegetables and some fruits, and plant and animal based fats and protein. You will be eliminating processed foods, refined grains, and sugar.

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