What You Did to Earn this Achievement Badge

You just did 3 very important things:

  1. You scheduled a celebration event on your calendar for when you achieve your debut goal.
    Why It Matters: This helps you visualize, plan for, and expect successfully reaching your goal. Plus, when you invite others to your celebration, the social expectation makes it so much more likely that you’ll do it.

  2. You asked 2-5 friends to support you through phone coaching.
    Why It Matters: Declaring your intent to people you trust makes you mean it much more than merely saying it to yourself. Plus, you’ve now created powerful social pressure by including others in your plans. Plus, getting their support and encouragement will motivate you.

  3. You defined your standard of success and value.
    Why It Matters: By making clear the kind of results and benefits that make your membership in Sixth Dimension so worth it, you will be able to recognize the value you are getting and understand how powerful achieving your goals and reaching your dream life really is. You will realize that your monthly membership fee is a fantastic bargain compared to what you are getting out of it.

You Completed Day 1 !

Congratulations! You just completed Day 1 of Sixth Dimension’s Achievement Academy.

And you didn’t even know you were enrolled!

Achievement Academy makes it easy to learn and take action–after all, it’s all about achieving your goals. Click a question below to see the answer.

Q. How long does it take to complete the Academy?


12 days. 12 intense and grueling–no! just the opposite. Each of the 12 days of Academy will be about as demanding and time consuming as today was–meaning not at all. The whole point is to make things easy and simple for you.

Q. What will I learn in Academy?


A bunch of good stuff. In fact, we are deliberately not going to tell you all of the topics now for two reasons: 1) to keep you curious so it will be a surprise like opening the 12 days of Christmas, and 2) because all you need to worry about right now is…nothing! Because you already completed Day 1. Tomorrow all you have to worry about is Day 2. Nothing more. We take it one day at a time. You’ll hardly notice that you’re halfway through and before you know it, graduating the Academy. Easy peasy.

The Academy is your chance to learn the principles and tools of success and achievement so that you can see results fast. Over each of the next 12 days, you will return to Sixth Dimension to learn something short and sweet, and take simple actions that will promote habits and becoming but most of all actions that will make it practically impossible to NOT reach your goal.

Q. Why are you so good to me?


Because you are part of Sixth Dimension, where we are good to each other. We want you and every member to succeed!

What’s Next

When you come back tomorrow for Day 2 of Achievement Academy, you’ll learn the single most powerful behavior that results in these kinds of outcomes:

  • [journaling outcome 1 here]
  • [journaling outcome 2 here]
  • [journaling outcome 3 here]