Easy Budget Success

In the Easy Budget Success formula, you go through 3 simple steps:

STEP 1 - Where’s It Going?

STEP 1 – Where’s the Money Going?

It’s easy to know how much money comes in. Most people have only one source of income. It’s the outgo that is more difficult to see and track, given there are dozens and hundreds of places we give our money. Most people have a general sense for what their expenses are and how much, but a general sense is not enough.

Start with a simple itemized list. Here is an example.

Now create your list of expenses for your life.

You can simply write your list on paper, or you can use one of the resources below.

 Click below to print out a PDF  Click below to open/download a spreadsheet

The spreadsheet is pre-programmed to add up all your expenses for you. The spreadsheet also includes all expenses and amounts for the average American family, which may help you remember some you may not have thought of.

STEP 2 - What Leaks Can Be Plugged?

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STEP 3 - Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

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