Goal Achiever™ lets you create SMARTER goals–the kind that skyrocket the likelihood that you’ll achieve them.

Creating Your First Goal

If you’ve never created a SMARTER goal, then you should:

  1. Watch this video on SMARTER goals:

Making Your Goals SMARTER

  1. Use the Goal Wizard in Goal Achiever™ the first few times you create a goal. The Wizard will step you through each input field and teach you along the way.

You can also watch the video for a demonstration of using the Wizard to turn a Debut Goal into a SMARTER goal.

(A Debut Goal is simply the first goal you set with about a 2-week timeframe that allows you to learn the tools and achievement methodology.)

Did you watch the videos?

If so, go to Goal Achiever™ and use the Goal Wizard to create your first SMARTER goal.

You can also go here to learn more about using Goal Achiever™.